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Set your own goals and design your adventure alone or with the others you find in this quiet online TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online). As Tiny Multiplayer Online – or TMO – players meet less often than in MMOs, which makes these meetings an important part of the gaming experience. There are no linear quest lines in the game – instead Book of Travels will be a truly living world where you will unexpectedly stumble upon events and characters.

Join the book of journeys and become part of a unique social role-playing experience that won’t hold your hand. Inspired by genre classics, this is a quiet adventure that takes you into a fairytale world … but it’s also an invitation to role-play without the limitations of linear missions and storylines. Feel free to tour the open wilderness and vibrant cities of the Braided Shore Peninsula. Wander deep into the layers of this hand-drawn world, stumble upon its hidden places, or unravel one of its many secrets. There is no ultimate goal, no real beginning or end, but the stakes can be high for mortal characters.

Braided Shore is a huge and complicated world, but there are few encounters with other players, so your chance encounters will be special. Choose to work together or to survive alone. Either way, you will be part of the birth of an exciting new online community with lots of storytelling.

But note: this is a trailblazer and hiker game that doesn’t plan your route. Instead, you will be trusted to play in your own style and make your own journey. Regardless of how you travel, you will soon be adding your own chapters to the travel book.

Take your first stroll through the hand-painted world of Book of Travels in the game’s first walkthrough video. Join Creative Director Jakob Tuchten in 30 minutes of play as he explains character creation, trading, the skill system and much more.

A unique type of gameplay

Book of Travels invites you to venture into a living, breathing fairytale world. First, create a unique character and explore the open country as you wish. Travel through the open wilderness and bustling cities of the Braided Shore Peninsula and delve deep into the layers of this hand-drawn world. Stumble upon its hidden places or uncover one of its many secrets. There is no overall goal and no real beginning or end, but for mortal characters the stakes can be high.

Character Creation – Choose a form

Character creation differs from other fantasy RPGs in that it has detailed and creative player input – a process that enables a rich and characterful RPG. Each character begins life as one of several forms, each with a different game orientation and skill affinity. With additional choices for background, personality traits, skills, talents and appearance, Forms are designed to help players create an individual style of play and enjoy a high level of personal expression in their role play.

Trade – haggling without currency

Trading travel books was conceived as a key component of the player’s journey and linked to a range of trading-related activities such as finding, collecting and managing items. The currency is banned, so most of the legal trade is done through haggling over the exchange of items with vendors and other NPCs around the world. In this process, items are valued based on their origin – items from other parts are more valuable than local goods and items from far away areas are even more valuable. However, a player’s pocket space is limited and they must fill it with a variety of items to avoid unfavorable deals.

Fight – The tense, heartbreaking moments before a fight

Book of Travels is a quiet experience, but not entirely free of conflict. The combat system focuses on the tense, heartbreaking moments before a fight. The tension is built through a unique action that allows players to put a hand on their sword and show willingness to fight. In a combat scenario, the player has a few crucial seconds to grasp the strength and protection of their opponent, the two main attributes used in combat. In such a clash, players must quickly decide whether to move or step back.

Main features:

  • Authentic role play and individual play styles: Choose from 20+ shapes on a detailed character creation sheet that focuses on personality and identity rather than statistics and classes. The game allows you to play in a style that suits your character and set your own personal goals. Are you a dangerous adventurer, a stoic practitioner of magical bonding, or a carefree gamer who drinks tea?
  • Limitless narrative your hand cannot hold: Your travels will present you with myriad random events that will make your story unique and differentiate each session from the last. Pull back the layers of different storylines and discover an incredibly deep fairy tale world.
  • TMO – Tiny Multiplayer Online: There are few other players, but your paths will cross – it’s up to you to travel together or alone. Find vehicles to get to faraway places or just stroll through forests together. The lack of guilds and social structures makes your temporary scholarships unique and memorable.
  • A beautiful world of uncertainty: A complicated and unique world that draws inspiration from old world fairy tales, Eastern mythologies, and early industrial times. Tons of intricate chains of events that unlock items, characters, secrets of the deep world, and hidden game features and tricks.
  • Communicate with symbols: Learn to communicate with other players using a unique set of symbols. Unlock new symbols when you come across new features and locations (e.g. you only get the symbol for “City” after visiting a city). The restriction of communication forms the basis for a rich and friendly multiplayer experience.
  • Innovative RPG systems: Define your character by unlocking and mastering more than 300 skills, magical abilities and passive talents that will have a great impact on your character and will open up different experiences with the game. Gain experience in a variety of ways: through exploration, courtesy, collecting, and trading. Battles can be worthwhile, but you will learn more from defeat than from victory.
  • The world is a hand-painted diorama: Experience a unique perspective of the game view, “painted” in a detailed art style. Click here to play like old school role-playing games, but in scenes with three-dimensional depth.
  • Commitment to the world – together: The Might and Delight Studio is fully committed to ensuring that this online world grows and lives long – together with you. Much like a dungeon master, we will point out new mysterious scenarios, but it is up to you, the players, to tell us what to explore next. In addition, we will add new levels that keep making the huge world bigger, new playable characters and of course thousands of storylines and events. Stories will change and evolve and epochs of new narratives will follow.

Travel book will come to Steam Early Access in the second quarter of 2021.

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