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RELEASED: 11:29 September 30, 2020 | UPDATED: 11:29 am September 30, 2020

Lauren Knight

“Regular testing can help reassure employees who are nervous about getting back to work.” Image: Getty Images


Daniel Cheung of Medix Pharmacy in Stevenage explains which coronavirus tests to book before returning to work or your next business trip.

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The antibody test must be carried out in the pharmacy. This will test whether you have contracted the virus in the past. Image: Medix Pharmacy

Q: When should I be tested?

A: If you are showing coronavirus symptoms – an elevated temperature, a new persistent cough, or a loss or change in your sense of smell or taste – you should isolate yourself. Let your manager know, stay home, and book a test asap to see if you have Covid-19.

If the test is negative, you can safely return to work as soon as you start to feel better. If the test is positive, you should inform your workplace immediately. You can then take the necessary precautions to protect other employees and minimize the spread.

You need to book a virus test if you are planning a business trip abroad.  Image: Getty ImagesYou need to book a virus test if you are planning a business trip abroad. Image: Getty Images

Q: How can I arrange a test?

A: To find out if you have coronavirus, book an antigen test. You can order a kit at your home or have it tested in the pharmacy. You can also book an antibody test to see if you have contracted the virus at any time in the past. We have to do this test at the pharmacy. A trained professional will take a vial of your blood and send it off for testing.

Q: How long will it take to get the results?

Book an antigen test to find out if you have coronavirus.  Image: Getty ImagesBook an antigen test to find out if you have coronavirus. Image: Getty Images

A: Results usually come back within two days depending on how busy the lab is.

Q: Do I have to get a test before I travel?

A: You need to book a virus test if you are planning a business trip abroad.

I would recommend contacting the pharmacy to discuss your test before booking. We can tell you the best time to test to make sure the results arrive before the flight.

Some airlines have different requirements. We can use our experience to ensure that you have all the documents and information you need before you travel.

Q: How can you help companies protect the workplace?

A: We recently worked with Kingdom Creative, a video production company whose employees travel the world creating content for their clients.

Regular PCR tests are important to ensure they can continue to work during the pandemic. We were able to ensure that they received regular, reliable tests for all employees, the results of which could be sent back in time for planning and organizing the trip.

Russell O’Hagan, Operations Manager at Kingdom Creative said, “The service Medix Pharmacy has provided has been exceptional. We cannot thank Daniel and his team enough. It’s hard to imagine any other service that has played a more important role in our company’s resilience to operations in such unprecedented times. ”

Regular testing of all employees can calm employees who are nervous about getting back to work. This allows you to quickly identify anyone who needs to self-isolate and more easily protect your employees and customers.

Q: Why do you recommend booking a private test?

A: The pharmacy is conveniently located to make booking your test easy. Home delivery of the tests is quick and easy to arrange. We use the largest UKAS registered laboratory in the country and will be happy to search them for results and get them back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to arrange regular testing for your company or if you have any questions, get in touch with a member of the team – we’ll be happy to help. We are committed to ensuring that businesses and individuals have access to the healthcare they need more than ever.

Medix Pharmacy is an established MHRA approved, UK based registered company licensed to supply, store and distribute all types of medical devices.

Go to mdxhealthcare.com to find out how they can help protect your workplace.

Call 01438 352211 or send an email [email protected] to order a home test kit or to make an appointment.

Visit the Medix Pharmacy at 84 High Street, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 3DW.

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