Vacationers bundle up otherwise alongside the Central Coast to have virus protections

SANTA BARBARA, California – The coronavirus version of vacation travel should appear in a manual as green as the Grinch. Nothing feels the way it should.

First come the warnings from all health officials to stay home and stay away from others.

Then come the cuts in travel services.

When you’re using local transit, there are checkpoints and mandatory guidelines that will make most of your trip more of a chore than a fun vacation.

There are already clear signs of adjustment. On Wednesday night at Santa Barbara Airport, travelers wearing face masks said the logs were everywhere.

Train traffic at Amtrak’s historic main deportation in Santa Barbara will be reduced as fewer seats are available and reservations are required to prevent cars from being overcrowded.

According to Amtrak, customers are encouraged to travel only for “essential purposes in compliance with the statewide home stay ordinance and to familiarize themselves with local health and safety regulations, which may vary by region.”

“I got here around 9:30 am,” said train traveler Jeff Copeland. He had a couple of hours before getting off a train and onto a bus. Bakersfield was his final destination.

He wasn’t worried about traveling with others as long as there was enough space. “Absolutely, I stay at least three feet away from people and use common sense.”

Marina Renteria went north and said, “Not a lot of people are traveling at the moment so it was pretty cool to see and stuff.”

Copeland said on his drive, “People were seated at least two or three rows apart by default and it wasn’t very crowded.”

When Roberta Fricker came to her mother, she said: “Usually they give you like a small ticket for a seat allocation. They plan the distance in advance.

The reservation obligation began on Wednesday and lasts until December 28th.

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Visit for more information.

Tips for a safe and smooth journey:

  • Plan ahead and book early: Visit to check availability and book tickets. Tickets can also be purchased from, Quik-TrakSM ticket kiosks, the Amtrak app, or by calling 800-USA-RAIL.
  • Travel responsibly: Follow the safety precautions and all important public health instructions that apply during your trip and at your destination. This includes wearing a mask at all times at stations and on trains, washing your hands frequently or using disinfectants, staying at home if you are sick, and only traveling for essential purposes.
  • Travel outside of rush hour: When searching for trips during the reserved period, customers will see a volume percentage next to each travel option so they can get an insight into specific trains that are less crowded. The percentage shown is available in real time when customers search for their move. These percentages adjust dynamically as more passengers reserve.
  • Cancel if you have to: Amtrak has waived all change fees for reservations through December 31, 2020. If you decide you don’t want to travel and would rather cancel than postpone, please call 1-800-USA-RAIL and speak to an Amtrak agent.
  • Check train schedules: Check vacation schedules and train status before arriving at the station on Twitter (@PacSurfliners),, or the Amtrak app.
  • Book trips electronically: The Amtrak website and app now offer additional digital payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, to make booking trips and updating reservations easier. Your eTicket will be delivered to your inbox and is also available in the app. Save it on your mobile device and present it to the conductor upon request.
  • When you see something, say something: Report suspicious activity or unattended items to an Amtrak employee or member of the Amtrak Police Department at (800) 331-0008 by calling 911 or texting from a smartphone to APD11 or from a standard cellphone to 27311.

Visit for more information. Visit to stay up to date with the latest announcements, news and information about the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner.

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