U.Okay. Bans Flights From Denmark As Thousands and thousands Of Mink Culled In Coronavirus Scare

After the discovery of a new strain of mink, millions of mink are said to be killed in Denmark … [+] Coronavirus that has been transmitted to humans.

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As Denmark’s mink crisis intensifiesThe UK government has banned all incoming travel from Denmark, with the exception of residents returning to the UK. Non-UK freight drivers arriving via Denmark will also be refused entry. The policy will be reviewed in a week.

Denmark, the world’s largest mink fur producer, ordered one last week widespread culling of up to 17 million minks following the discovery of a mutant form of the coronavirus that has spread to humans in the north of the country.

Flights between Denmark and Great Britain have been suspended

While UK citizens and residents can still travel to the UK under the rules of self-isolation, it may not be easy to do.

Denmark DR reported that flights from Denmark are no longer allowed to land at UK airports and ships cannot dock in UK ports.

The Copenhagen airport The website confirmed that two Ryanair UK Sunday departures have been canceled. It is currently not possible to book a direct flight from Denmark to Great Britain with Scandinavian Airlines for the coming week.

Britain moved quickly with an immediate ban

Foreign Secretary Grant Shapps announced the move on Twitter, stating that “the safety of the UK public remains our top priority”.

A statement from the Department of Transportation confirmed that only UK citizens and residents returning to the UK are exempt from the ban. However, all people arriving from Denmark must self-isolate for two weeks along with all other household members. In contrast to travel advice from other countries, there are no exceptions to this self-isolation policy.

Self-isolation is also retroactive. Anyone who has returned from Denmark within the last 14 days will be contacted regarding the required quarantine.

The new policy also applies to anyone who has traveled through Denmark or planning to transit to reach the UK. Copenhagen Airport is a popular transport hub for passengers between Great Britain and the Nordic region.

The mink crisis in Denmark continues

The government ordered a culling of the Danish mink population of around 17 million after failing to contain the spread of the coronavirus from mink to humans. It is believed that at least 214 human cases of Covid-19 in Denmark came from mink.

However, it was concerns about a new mutation that led to a drastic decision. The Danish authorities found five cases in mink farms and twelve cases in humans of a strain showing reduced sensitivity to the antibodies. If the spread continues, many vaccines under development may be less effective. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the decision to cull was taken with a “heavy heart”.

North Jutland is the region that concerns the Danish authorities the most. The Prime Minister has asked local people not to travel outside the area. “We are asking everyone in North Jutland to do something completely extraordinary,” said Frederiksen at a press conference.

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