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Shall we take a trip to Italy, the Bel Paese? Or how about an animal safari down under in Australia? No! We didn’t go crazy. Yes, the pandemic is still big and we are aware that a new burden is in the air. But books can safely get us there. We’re not talking about any books, we’re talking about the BrownBoxToys books by Sonali Shankardass. You see, initially she started off keeping her two children occupied while going to exciting places. It had only been two years since she focused more on it, but even then it was only one thing in South Bombay. But then Corona served as a catalyst and she launched her own portal through which we can buy these books that transport us to another world!

Would you like to hear a few little things? Children love trivia! I mean who doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to know that there are more kangaroos than humans in Australia? Or that Churchill, the city in Canada, is also the capital of the polar bears? “So I started putting these fun facts together in the form of books to give kids armchair adventures,” says Sonali. And that is exactly what the pandemic demands! But she doesn’t intend to compete with the beautiful books out there, so her books are different. As? Each brown box contains a book and stickers, a postcard and a photo. “You can use stickers throughout the book, which makes reading more than a passive activity,” explains the 52-year-old. So you can personalize the books with stickers to make your own trip!

Mumbai Box | (Image: BrownBoxToys)

There are binoculars stickers that you can use next to the picture of a bald eagle in the book to mark sharp eyesight. You are given sticker money to buy souvenirs. And that’s how it works. There are currently 12 boxing deals that include trips to Australia, Canada, India, China, England, Kenya, Peru, Italy and Amchi Mumbai. In this day and age when the maximum activity for children is to slide their fingers across the screen, these books offer far more practical options. Cheesy puns and inside jokes are also strewn across the books, making the trip all the more fun. In some places you are asked to write something, in others you have to circle another.

In addition to their typical road trips, BrownBoxToys also offers animal safaris for children between the ages of three and five. Our favorite is the Mumbai Sightseeing Box. “With its end-to-end dominoes and index cards, it actually mirrors every major city in India. Because you will see the milkman, cows in the street, street vendors and all the typical sights that one finds in cities,” she shares Alumna of Northwestern University, USA, who completed her master’s degree in economics there. Even the India Maps Box is unique. “We didn’t mark every single city, that’s the characteristic of every map. Instead, we marked places we have something to say about. Like the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. I also realized that books are a great way to to do that.” Introduce concepts like recycling, climate change, poverty and other issues. This is also examined subtly in the books, “she shares.

Peru | (Image: BrownBoxToys)

Obviously there was a lot of research and development going on behind the scenes. For this reason, she has been working on the ideas since 2015, started on a small scale in 2017 and launched the portal in November of this year. We can’t wait to take more trips with BrownBoxToys!

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