The whole lot Boltonians have to learn about going overseas

With the lockdown announced back in March, it was a little difficult to make travel arrangements.

Plans had to be changed and flights canceled as the coronavirus pandemic devastated the travel industry.

Even now England is still at a standstill and the British are dying to take a vacation and fly to an exotic location for a while.

However, it is not too late to start planning your dream trip.

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling abroad, even if we think we can go on vacation.

You can also find expert travel advice from a Bolton travel agent that knows what vacation deals to look out for in the year ahead:

When can I go on vacation?

The rules currently state: “From November 5th to December 2nd, 2020, travel from home, including internationally, from England is restricted, except in certain circumstances, e.g. B. for work or for education. ”

Traveling to go on vacation can be punished with a fine. Penalties start at £ 200 and go up to £ 6,400.

However, England’s national lockdown will end on December 2nd and a new tiered system will be in place for the winter.

Bolton was placed in the third tier and asked to “avoid traveling to other parts of the UK, including overnight stays that are not required, e.g. B. for work, education, youth welfare, medical treatment or care responsibilities ”.

Traveling abroad is not prohibited by law in level three, but it is not recommended.

Where you can is also subject to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s travel advisories for your destination and the list of travel corridors.

Boris Johnson said plans are being made to get the country back on track to “normal” by Easter, thanks to developments in Covid-19 vaccination, which could mean that after that time we could book vacations with confidence.

However, as with anything during the pandemic, these rules can change at any time and nothing is set in stone.

Where is the closest airport to Bolton?

When planning your exotic overseas trip, consider flights from Manchester Airport, which is about 17 miles from Bolton.

There are many ways to get to and from this airport, including by bus, train, car, or private rental vehicle.

Where can I go on vacation?

Even if the travel restrictions are lifted, some countries will require you to be quarantined for 14 days when you get there. You may also need to quarantine when you get back to the UK.

The government has published a list of “travel corridors” that currently includes countries such as Bahrain, Cuba, the Greek islands and many more.

There is no need to self-isolate if you are traveling to England from any of the countries, territories or regions listed on this page. You must also have stayed in one of these locations or in the UK for the past 14 days

You can check the restrictions and requirements of your specific vacation destination on the website.

Jon Thorne, traveler expert at Skyscanner (metasearch engine and travel agent) commented: “Over the past few months, our data has shown that British travelers have been extremely responsive to news about travel corridors and have adapted their search and booking behavior to do so get away with the rules.

“For those who want to book in the coming weeks, booking a ‘flexible’ ticket with a provider can mean that you are entitled to a free date or destination change if you need one.

“We made this really easy by highlighting flexible tickets when searching with Skyscanner, which can save your tickets and be protected if the situation changes in your country of origin or destination.”

Which countries and areas should I visit?

Julie Taylor works for Travel Counselors, an online company that allows you to select a local travel professional to help plan your vacation.

Julie lives in Bolton and has been in the travel industry for over 30 years. She knows exactly which travel trends to watch out for.

Julie Taylor

She said, “There has never been a better time to plan your next much-needed vacation when people just need something to look forward to.

“Also, I’ve spent the past few weeks tirelessly servicing my customers and reimbursing and changing holidays disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“With a lot of people postponing their vacation for a year, there will be a lot less availability for 2021 – so it’s a good idea to book early.”

She has booked vacations for many Boltonians throughout her career and said popular summer destinations for locals have always been the Greek and Spanish islands.

When it comes to summer destinations, Julie encourages vacationers to look out for summer cruise deals as she anticipates there will be plenty in the coming months.

Julie has also booked some winter holidays for her clients and said there are some fantastic deals on vacation in Dubai, the Caribbean and the Maldives right now.

If you’d like Julie to be in charge of your vacation, email her at [email protected] or visit her Travel Advisor page.

How can I book an affordable vacation?
(Prices and information correct at time of writing)

If you want to book an affordable vacation, consider using SkyScanner.

They have a handy tool that allows you to see which countries have travel restrictions.

Jon Thorne, Skyscanner’s consumer travel expert, said you can sign up for price alerts and newsletters to get the cheapest airfare.

Right now there are some great flights and deals from Manchester Airport.
The Bolton News: Temple Bar Pub in DublinTemple Bar Pub in Dublin
(Photo: Geograph / Jo Turner)

In January you can fly to Dublin for just £ 33 and flights to Germany start at around £ 29.

If you’re hoping for an Easter break in April, when the government predicts life will return to normal, then there are flights to Belgium and France that start at £ 36.

Travel expert Julie Taylor explained that Boltonians book a lot of vacations in the Greek islands.

Flights to these islands currently start at £ 77 if you travel in May.

Other cheaper places this month are Belgium (flights from £ 36) and France (flights from £ 37).

With a view to summer, there are some great offers currently in July.

Flights to Belgium and Denmark start at around £ 40 and you can go to Italy from £ 43 per ticket.

A trip to the Greek islands will now also cost you £ 85 per person.

Prices are a bit higher in August – but you can still get to Spain for just £ 58 per ticket.

The ABTA found that the US and Italy are the most popular travel destinations. 22% of people from the Northwest plan to travel to these countries in the next 12 months.

If you want to visit these places, it’s time to look out for offers.

If you plan to fly to New York in June, return fares are currently around £ 260 per person.

For Rome, prices are currently around £ 44 per person if you travel early next year.

Are you planning to go abroad next year? Let us know in the comments.

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