Skye: Coo Clayton’s inspiration for her new e book

The tiny village of Torrin on the banks of Loch Slapin. It’s on Skye, halfway between Elgol and Broadford.

Why are you going there

Total escape, peace and quiet. The view of Blaven and the other Cuillin hills is breathtaking.

How often do you go

Not enough. It can be a short hike with three kids in tow. We went to preschoolers more often.

How did you discover it?

We – my husband and I – went for the first time in 2004. We booked a lovely rustic holiday home through a friend and weren’t sure what to expect. We had to drive across a tidal current at certain times to get to the hut. It was completely remote and quite magical.

What is your favorite memory

The house had its own otter skin. We sat facing the lake for hours and never saw an otter.

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I remember going back to the hut to sit by the fire and warm up, and that’s where my husband suggested. The word “Skye” is engraved on my ring to commemorate this special day.

Who are you taking

I’ve brought my sister and brother-in-law to the same house before. I have fond memories of all of us together, and I cook a huge roast meal with a rather unpredictable oven.

What are you taking

Hiking shoes and woolen hats for the day as well as lots of wine and cheese for cozy nights in.

Maggie’s Magical Islands by Coo Clayton

What are you leaving behind

The noise. When we arrive it’s the first thing I notice. The absence of sirens, car horns and bus engines – noises I hear all the time in Edinburgh, where I live.

Put it in five words.

Quiet, magical, untouched, breathtaking and wild.

How did it inspire your writing?

Skye is one of the locations in my latest book, Maggies Magical Islands, about a little girl who loves exploring Scotland and starting an island hopping vacation with a mysterious map and rusty old motor home.

Which travel point is on your wish list after being blocked?

We love discovering new places in Scotland and recently visited the Summer Islands near Ullapool.

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The beaches, the food, and the people up there are all wonderful. Islay is one of the islands I have heard and read so much about. It’s at the top of my “must go” list.

Maggie’s Magical Isles by Coo Clayton is being released by Black & White at a price of £ 9.99. Visit

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