Railway passengers to get these options in revamped web site

Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal today launched the revised website of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Company (IRCTC) with better features and facilities for passengers on Thursday.

Indian Railways has revamped and updated its e-ticketing website www.irctc.co.in and the IRCTC Rail Connect mobile app, which are used for booking train tickets online.

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The customer experience was the focus of the revision of the functions:

The rail customer was at the center of the design of this new world-class website for booking rail tickets. Novel user personalization functions linked to user login have been integrated for the first time, along with adjustments for a seamless travel experience, one-stop train selection for booking, and integrated booking for meals and accommodation with tickets.

Main features of the updated website:

  • The full user personalization associated with the user login, such as: B. the booking of meals, retirement rooms and hotels has been integrated and can be linked directly to the tickets. This offers a one stop solution to the traveller’s needs.
  • Predictive entry suggestions using artificial intelligence to be given to the passenger when entering the train station or passenger. This significantly reduces the effort involved in searching for stations and saves time when booking tickets.
  • Easier checking of the refund status on the User Accounts page. In the past, this function was not easily accessible.
  • “Regular” or “Favorite Trips” can be easily booked by automatically entering relevant details.

Finding and selecting trains is simplified by bringing the information together on one page to reduce passenger time and improve the booking experience.

  • All information on one page – availability for all classes is shown along with the respective tariffs for all trains. Just scroll through the page and choose if you’d like to book the train and class you want. In the past, the availability and tariffs of the individual train seats could only be displayed after you had clicked on this train individually.
  • A ‘cache system’ was introduced in the backend to provide the availability status. This avoids delays in charging availability.
  • The probability of confirmation is displayed for tickets on the waiting list. Previously, this had to be checked separately for each waiting list status. The availability for other dates can be toggled on the page itself.
  • Asks you during the booking process to make it easier for even fewer computer users. This saves him time browsing the website for browsing the website.
  • The trip details are also shown on the payment page. The user is prompted to check and correct for any typos. These corrections can only be corrected by visiting a PRS center.
  • The website has built-in functions to improve cybersecurity through the use of suitable captchas.

The updated and expanded e-ticketing website, a mobile app, is designed to provide a premium user experience among various other online travel and ticketing websites.

The level of these features will be even more advanced than those currently offered by the other ticketing websites. On most websites, the station search entry is still alphabetical, the availability status is either absent or old in time.

Currently, this IRCTC e-ticketing website has more than 6 crore active users booking more than 8 lakhs tickets daily. Around 83% of all reserved train tickets are booked through this online system.

At the same time, it also increases capacity, which means that printing the booking at peak times does not cause the website to crash. Now passengers can have more payment options after booking their tickets.

In addition, passengers can now use the new website to book food for themselves while driving.

Railways is trying to make the IRCTC website and app more user-friendly to avoid the interference of fake agents in booking tickets.

At the same time, Railways will offer more space for advertising on the new website.

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