Our Romantic Getaway on the Esterel Resort

We’re not the best judges when it comes to the kitchen: we’re not seasoned cooks. But we’ve traveled all over the world and ate in lots of great restaurants. To be honest, the best dining experience we’ve ever had was Bistro À Champlain, one of the three restaurants at the Esterel Resort.

We had the opportunity to enjoy a 6 course tasting menu along with a food and wine pairing experience. If you are a connoisseur, you MUST experience this level of gastronomy. The taste, the scents, the textures and the breathtaking view of nature at its best … there is no word to describe how unique and exquisite this experience was. The best we’ve ever had, that’s for sure!

Another great experience was visiting The Bistro À Champlain wine cellar, which is a real Canadian treasure. The cellar has almost 20,000 bottles and more than 2,775 references! François, the sommelier, is passionate and has so many very interesting stories to tell! The visit and wine tasting in the cellar was one of the highlights of our weekend. We had an extraordinary romantic moment and tried fancy wine on the pier!

The Rok is also a fantastic and unique restaurant! They served our choice of meat or seafood or half cooked, and we ourselves finish cooking on black stone heated to 1000 oC. My huge scallops and shrimp combo Lick Finder!

Finally, the Chais58 restaurant offers share dishes made from ultra-fresh ingredients, as well as food and alcohol. Delicious!

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