Methods to ebook a vacation in 2021

A VACATION next year is on everyone’s lips, with a booking boom after news of a vaccine.

A trip abroad is likely to be very different, however, with more tires to jump through.


Here is everything you need to consider before booking a vacation next yearPhoto credit: PinPep / BEEM

Targets already require negative coronavirus tests, health forms, and quarantine restrictions. Airlines like Qantas enforce vaccinations.

We have explained everything you need to consider when booking your next vacation in 2021.

Take out appropriate travel insurance

Most travel destinations require travel insurance to protect you from coronavirus-related costs.

It’s also worth checking what the insurer will cover – some may not cover all costs including quarantine or flights home if you catch them on vacation.

Travel insurance expert Tricia Tietema told City AM that if you are able to, some insurers may void your claim if you are unable to get the vaccine.

She said, “It is the case that most major insurers would have denied claims for tropical diseases such as malaria or yellow fever if the traveler had not taken advantage of the available vaccines – and that exclusion can be found in the insurance formulations.” “”

Jet2 offers its own insurance that covers everything from failed coronavirus tests to expenses related to Covid.

What coronavirus policies do UK tour operators have?

British Airways Holidays

BA Holiday customers can change the dates and destination of the holidays free of charge (apart from the price difference) or cancel a booking for a voucher.


TUI has introduced a free change policy for package tours and bookings only for hotels or flights.

In this way, you can change your trip free of charge up to 21 days to 21 days before departure by December 31st.

Jet2 Holidays

Jet2 has its own travel insurance that you can add to your vacation. This covers holiday cancellations due to FCDO advice, failed coronavirus tests, medical expenses or illnesses related to Covid.

EasyJet Holidays

EasyJet package tours are automatically canceled if the FCDO advises against traveling to the destination and if there are quarantine restrictions on arrival.

Changes to your vacation can be made up to 28 days prior to travel with a full refund and your deposit refunded in credit.

Instead, opt for package tours

Instead of booking your flights and hotels separately for the next year, you get much more protection when you book a package tour.

Many tour operators have ATOL protection that protects your money if your vacation is canceled or cannot continue.

Flexible cancellation conditions are also included with tour operators such as TUI, Jet2 and BA.

Check the current travel restrictions

Before choosing a vacation destination, be sure to review the current guidelines.

Some countries require you to show a negative Covid test or health declaration form prior to your arrival, or you must be quarantined upon arrival.

Britain also has its own rules. Some destinations require a two week quarantine when back in England.

Travel restrictions can change at short notice. However, if you check them out beforehand, you will know what is expected of you.

Coronavirus travel insurance and package tours protect you from last minute problems


Coronavirus travel insurance and package tours protect you from last minute problemsPhoto credit: SWNS: South West News Service

Be prepared for last minute changes

While you can book a trip with no rules or restrictions, this may change at the last minute.

You should expect your vacation plans to change at the last minute. So be ready to be flexible.

Tour operators are offering customers to reschedule their vacation dates or even get credit for a completely different vacation.

If you’re not tied to one destination, last minute you can opt for another vacation.


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