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Whether you dream of a vacation abroad or a stay abroad, the reality of the past year has resulted in the fact that there were few vacations. However, hotels will still need our assistance once the travel restrictions are lifted and an expert explained how to easily get more out of your stay.

Although vacation comparison websites that compare the price of flights and hotels are often viewed as a great way to get a bargain, Sally Beck, the eternal manager of the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, warns against booking with them.

“Just try to book a property directly,” she told Express.co.uk.

“Make sure you look for the best prices online, but book rooms directly.”

She says this way not only will hotel staff be able to cater to special requests more, but also be able to move guests to a room that better suits their needs.

This could even include upgrades, which are suites for special occasions.

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“Tell them about special things, whether there are birthdays or if you are getting together with your friends and things like that because it helps us pick really great rooms for you to do,” she included.

“All hotels attach great importance to making people as much fun as we can give them, and we want people to come.”

She added, “Call them directly and let them know what you are doing. They will find you are getting upgrades and suites to keep the prices down because we want you to come and stay.”

Her advice comes after a difficult year for hotels.

Although many hotels and holiday parks in rural and coastal areas flourished during the months of easing, downtown hotels are still “struggling”.

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When you book direct with hotels, you get a much-needed financial boost. According to Ms. Beck, all income goes directly to the source.

“There are always commissions when you book through another third party,” she explained.

“So when you book a property direct you say my fees are £ 200.

“If you book a property directly which is £ 200. If you book through a third party I pay a fee for that third party. So you still pay £ 200, I don’t get £ 200. If you come to a property direct simply a better way for the property. “

Although Ms. Beck points out that the hotel “absolutely loves” some third parties because they can reach customers who book through “international markets”, she advises the British to always pick up the phone and go directly.

“When you are in the UK it is easy to book a property directly,” she said.

“You speak the same language, you are in the same time zone, we can all understand each other.

“Check out the competitive websites, check out the best prices, or call a property and say if you’ve seen us anywhere lower, tell them.

“We all want to know who our customers are. Sometimes, when it comes through a third party, we never know who they are until they arrive at the front desk, and we don’t know if they are having a special event or what they are Preferences could be.

“So if they want a special parking lot closed for them, or a place in the gym or in one of our restaurants, it can be quite difficult to get a place in the restaurants right now.”

“All of these things help to make a stay really nice.”

Of course, given how quickly lockout restrictions have changed over the past few months, it’s no surprise that some customers are cautious about planning stays for the future.

However, according to Ms. Beck, this is nothing to worry about.

“We allow daytime cancellations and there are no cancellation fees,” she said.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about that at all. Just check this out when you make a booking, just make sure.”

She added, “We all want to make sure people come and have a great stay and come back again.”

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