Journey blogger faces backlash after revealing ‘secret’ NYC spot: ‘All the time ruining issues’

A TikTok account devoted to sharing the secrets of New York City recently created a video highlighting the “most secret park” in town.

The park at 55 Water Street is called The Elevated Acre. A hidden gem in the financial district, this 1 acre green oasis is easy to miss as its entrance is a rather anonymous escalator.

In Nychicaa’s video, you can see that the park offers “beautiful views of bridges, water … and a helipad” and “lush gardens” galore. There is even a “huge field for yoga, exercise, lazing around [and] relaxing. “

Some people were excited to learn about this hidden hiding place.

“I definitely have to go there, thanks for sharing,” said one person.

“Go tomorrow, thank you!” Another user posted a comment.

However, many local New Yorkers were upset with Nychicaa for revealing one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

“I mean, are you really from NY? Because New Yorkers know how to stay calm. For example, why do you even share that, ”commented one person.

“It’s no longer a secret,” remarked another angry user. “All of my favorite places are being bombed.”

“It’s not nice to reveal places that New York treasures and keep to yourself,” added a third person. “We always ruin things that everyone knows now.”

In the comments, Nychicaa defended her decision to publicize the park, noting that she wanted to bring business to the city center.

“This video will generate more activity in the city center, opening more stores and creating more jobs,” she said. “I am a businesswoman.”

“This is NY and people are making it NYC,” she added.

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New Yorker shares the city’s “most secret park,” which first appeared on In The Know.

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