Information of a vaccine has raised vacation hopes – however comply with this guidelines earlier than you e-book

I was just about to get into a complicated piece investigating when we could travel again when news came that an effective vaccine for Covid-19 had been found. That changed everything, especially with several more attempts to report their results. It is now likely that there is enough shelter to reassure the vast majority of people that travel can be made safely, hopefully in time for the spring and summer seasons of next year.

The news brought relief in a highly competitive travel industry. The excitement was so great that there were even warnings that people should book now to stay one step ahead of the expected surge in travel demand over the next year. Gary Lewis, CEO of Travel Network Group, told Telegraph Travel, “Capacity and pricing for 2021 are under pressure not only because of the excitement of traveling again, but also because existing bookings have been postponed from this year to next year If customers haven’t booked a vacation for summer 2021, planning and booking well in advance is essential. “

There were predictions that the offers currently on offer could soon disappear. On the cruise market, James Cole, General Manager of Panache said, “The deals, deals and flexible booking conditions now available make it a great time to book. I don’t think they’ll be available once the industry is fully mobilized again. “

Of course, travelers should be careful. The vaccine has not yet been officially approved for use in the UK. and we don’t know how long protection may last, what new side effects may appear, or how long it will be before the vaccination program can reach a significant number.

It is true that frustrated travelers have to reckon with catching up to do, that many holidays have been postponed from 2020 and that overall capacity will be greatly reduced. But even in a normal year, people don’t start booking summer vacation until January or February, and if there’s one thing airlines and operators are experts on, it adds capacity to meet the growing demand.

Sure, there will be an emphasis on rebuilding profit margins and prices will likely go up. But I wouldn’t panic just yet if I booked. If you find an offer that looks too good to miss, here are some things to consider before you commit:

1. Can you secure the vacation with a small or even zero deposit?

If so, double-check the booking conditions: the fine print for some arrangements may only require a small amount upfront but will incur higher cancellation fees if you choose not to proceed.

2. What are the company’s cancellation policy?

Many airlines and operators are now offering much more flexible booking conditions and free postponements. For example, BA allows new bookers to change the date and destination without incurring a fee, although you have to pay price differences. This applies to trips that should be completed by August 31, 2021.

3. Will your money be financially secure?

Very few tour operators are financially strong, and some may not make it into the next summer. So be sure to book with an Atol-protected tour operator or agent. When booking direct with an airline, make sure your travel insurance includes coverage for financial losses, or pay with a credit card to get a refund if the airline breaks down. When booking direct with a overseas company, it can be very difficult to get a refund if business goes out of business or your vacation is canceled.

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