Ideas for Planning a Stylish COVID Summer time Wedding ceremony in Australia

and you’re freaking out because you don’t know how to plan this wedding? And of course, COVID adds extra stress to an already stressful time. Welcome to the club, you are certainly not the only one! There is absolutely no need to feel desperate because we are here to help you. Here are five tips for planning a stylish summer wedding in Australia. Check these out and get to work with the love business right away!

Let’s start with the elephant in the wedding room

If you are planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for you as the bride and groom to stay informed. Knowing the facts can help plan a safer gathering for your family, friends, and most importantly, you. This is a roundup of key considerations for reducing the spread of COVID-19 when planning and hosting a wedding reception. Work with your wedding providers and / or wedding planners to ensure you are making informed decisions and avoiding risks. Your event must comply with applicable public health regulations on collecting exposure limits, with outdoor events preferred to minimize risk. More guests with closer interactions and longer time together increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Stay informed
  • Ask questions to the service providers you hire (e.g. venues for ceremonies and receptions, florists and food service providers).
  • Review your event / vendor contracts and insurance policies.
  • You can find the latest information and guidance on COVID-19 on your city’s website.
Communication with your partner and service provider
  • Maintain open communication with your partner and wedding planning services. Support each other and be flexible. Many companies are affected by the pandemic.
  • Create a backup plan with some alternative dates.
  • Limit attendance at in-person events.
  • Options for a virtual ceremony, an outdoor ceremony, a tented reception, a smaller indoor wedding, or delaying the event until public health measures are less restrictive.
  • Family and cultural expectations may need to be relaxed to keep participants safe. Some rituals and practices may also need to be changed.
  • Make adjustments to your wedding checklist to reflect public health measures.
  • Go digital to shop for venues, flowers, and other wedding items, and to make appointments.
  • Create a safety checklist on your community’s COVID response website.

Now the fun stuff: start with classy decorations

Needless to say, wedding decorations are one of the most important parts of any wedding day. So be sure to find the best decorator who can meet all of your needs.

The majority of couples tend to choose outdoor venues that offer many amazing options.

This is why you too should consider them and have a stylish Australian wedding that everyone will enjoy. Of course, an abundance of freshly picked, vibrant flowers is a big must. These will take your wedding to a whole new level and give this special event a romantic but very classy atmosphere. Once you’ve chosen your floral style, your decorator can get creative with the display and find a way to highlight bright colors using different fabrics and textures. Nothing is impossible when you know what you want!

A trendy, yet stylish wedding dress is an absolute must …

Wedding dresses are another important part of any wedding – at least if you ask the bride – so don’t forget to look for yours Wedding dress early!. summer Wedding dresses are vastly different from dresses designed for other seasons simply because they are made from breathable fabrics. This is especially true for beach weddings, as they require light dresses with which the bride can easily walk through the sand without any restrictions. So, if you are a beach bride and you don’t know what style to choose for a wedding dress, all you have to do is: Visit a wedding salon in Sydney or wherever you live and ask these girls for help. They will surely help you find the most perfect wedding dress that is trendy and stylish at the same time!

… as well as a wild bachelorette party

In case you weren’t aware of this, stag and hen parties have gained momentum in recent years, which is why they have become an inevitable part of wedding planning. To be honest, no wedding can be complete without a wild bachelorette party organized a week or two before the big day. So keep that in mind and don’t be an exception. For example, you and your girls can explore the beautiful beaches of Port Douglas and have the time of your life in this part of Australia. On the other hand, if you want to have a fabulous Melbourne party you always can Hire a company like Hens and plan your celebration down to the smallest detail. With their help, this fantastic night will no doubt exceed your expectations!

Keep your guests cool

Yes, everyone knows that Australian summers can get extremely hot, but guess what? That doesn’t mean your guests should sweat it out until they melt. So be sure to keep them as cool as possible at all costs. After all, not everyone enjoys sunny days and hot climates, right? To do this and keep your guests cool and happy, you need to do something first

Look for a wedding venue with tall trees or other shade.

If there are no trees, you can always look for additional rooms to build a nice marquee. On the other hand if you are have a beach weddingyou should probably consider large, white umbrellas. These will surely do the trick, as will several stalls selling ice cold water and flavored lemonade. Don’t make a mistake!

Opt for lighter dishes

Last but not least, your wedding menu should be adapted to the time of year as well, and the reasons behind this are more than good. While decadent meals with lots of meat and a variety of seasonings seem like good choices, the truth is that this isn’t the best option for a summer wedding. Instead, opt for lighter alternatives that include delicious gourmet salads, fresh seafood, and seasonal fruits. We are sure that your guests will absolutely love such a menu. Give it a try and you won’t go wrong. Once you’ve figured out what types of food to want at your wedding just find the best caterer in Brisbane, Perth, Canberra or wherever you live and you’ll do an amazing job that your guests will appreciate!

As you can see, there are many important things to consider when planning a stylish summer wedding in Australia. However, we all agree that these six are the most important which is why you should stick to them if that is your ultimate goal. Just let that happen and you will have an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception that everyone will be talking about, COVID or no COVID!

Peter Minkoff

Peter is an LGBT travel and lifestyle writer for Queer Voices magazine who lives between Australia and Europe. In addition to writing, he also worked as a freelance fashion stylist for many magazines. He’s a real lover of craft beer and soy latte, and likes to spend his days on the beach visiting thrift shops every day. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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