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Article last changed – December 10th, 2020

Murder Times Six – Wells Gray Park Murders by Alan R. Warren

I’ve enjoyed reading for many years and recently decided to add a new book reviews segment to my blog. My final reading is the featured author’s latest publication, entitled; Murder times six.

The title of the book caught my attention immediately and just needed to take a closer look at its description. It brought vivid memories and memories of that terrible event that took place in beautiful Well Gray National Park in British Columbia, Canada. The province where I live and where I spent my career.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to read this author’s publication and give a personal review.

About the author of the Times Six murder

Alan.R.Warren author

Alan R. Warren is a well-known and respected author of a number of best-selling True Crime publications. He is also the host and producer of House of Mystery, an NBC talk show on news radio.

Over the years Alan has written articles for True Case Files Magazine and is still contributing to Serial Killer Magazine. To date he has completed 16 true crime books for publishers. He is highly regarded in the law enforcement community and works closely with the police, family, and relatives on whom his stories are based.

The true story of the Wells Gray Park murders

Murder times six

It may seem unusual to me to review a book of this nature, with my blog mostly related to travel, health, and fitness, but this book definitely impressed me when I heard of its publication. I am a 31 year old retired cop who has worked in British Columbia all along.

I had only been a police officer for about two years when this tragic event occurred, which received national coverage and widespread media attention. I remember the incident well and something that definitely resonated with almost everyone.

It made you realize how vulnerable we can be at times, especially when people have little or no consideration for others.

Fate can sometimes be so cruel and incomprehensible!

In memory of the Johnson & Bentley family

Johnson Bentley family photo

This rating is based solely on the memory of the Johnson & Bentley family. A 3 generation family whose life was so tragic as they enjoyed a wonderful camping adventure together in beautiful Wells Gray National Park in the summer of 1982.

Johnson family photo

Your group of 6 were brutally murdered by a person whom I do not want to mention in this review. He was later convicted and charged with the murders and is imprisoned to this day. He will be on parole again in 2021.

The author has meticulously described all of the events that led to this tragedy, including police interviews and involvement, testimony of the accused, immediate family members, and much more.

He also explains in detail how the criminal justice system in Canada and the Parole Board of Canada work in that country. It is excellent read, especially for anyone interested in law enforcement and real crime publications.

The Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center & Memorial

Johnson Bentley Aquatic Center

As a wonderful tribute to lost family members, the city of Kelowna, British Columbia has named its Recreation Aquatic Center in memory of those who were victims of this tragic event.

???? Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Center

We all need to remember how fragile life can be and how it can be taken away from us immediately. All of us who enjoy the outdoors, camping, spending time with friends and family should never forget how lucky we are to continue to do so safely.

For this family, it was all about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and meeting a deeply disturbed person.

Below, I’ve included a link to the author’s official website and directed it to the page for more information on this release.

Alan R. Warren logo

???? Alan R. Warren – Official Website

I also recorded a local online message that was posted by the author after his book was published. It describes in more detail the tragic event and the publication of this publication.

Kelowna Capital News Logo

???? Kelowna Capital News Story

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Although my copy of Murder Times Six was provided in collaboration with author, Alan R. Warren, you can be assured that all content and opinions are the author’s and reflect only my personal views.

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