Holidays: Methods to guide a covid check for journey as UK publicizes new journey testing guidelines | Journey Information | Journey

“What we’ve seen over the past few months is that countries all over the world have been putting in place pre-departure tests, but they all have slightly different actions to look for, different ways that they need to be validated – and it’s very confusing for the passengers. “

The Heathrow chief added he hoped that more stringent testing measures would ultimately eliminate the need for quarantine.

“You can imagine that over the next few months people will test 72 hours before the flight, quarantine at home and then do another test at the airport,” said Holland-Kaye.

“Then you can travel to your destination with confidence knowing that no one on the plane has Covid and that you don’t have to be quarantined when you get to your destination.”

“It’s a much better way so that we can all travel with confidence, not just for vacation but for business purposes or to visit friends and relatives.”

For those who are tested before traveling in the UK, private testing prices generally range from £ 100 to £ 150.

Travelers are asked not to use the NHS testing service.

“There are several test providers in the UK, but not all of them can provide documentation for travel to specific destinations,” Alex Templeton, CEO of health and test provider Qured, told

“The type of test you choose will depend on the needs of your specific trip and how urgently you need your results.”

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