High 10 Finest Airbnbs in Ubatuba, Brazil for Each Type and Funds

10 of the best Airbnb deals in Ubatuba, Brazil

B.Razil is rich in breathtaking landscapes and fascinating seascapes. Given the popularity of its tourist destinations, you’ve probably heard of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. If you want to explore this country in more depth, a visit to Ubatuba will prove to be fascinating.

Beach in Ubatuba Brazil

The Ubatuba community in Sao Paolo is full of energy and variety. Some of the places to look forward to are the Ubatuba Aquarium, the Automobile Museum, and the shopping boutiques.

The beaches in this part of the country are also some of the best. Ubatuba’s name comes from the words “uyba”, which means canoes, and “tuba”, which means many.

If you want to wake up to the most standout of views, these Airbnb deals are a must:

Vista panorâmica – holiday apartment with panoramic view

Airbnb vacation rental with panoramic views in Ubatuba BrazilAirbnb vacation rental with panoramic views in Ubatuba Brazil

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This holiday home can accommodate the whole family. If you are a member of 9 this is one of the coziest, most budget friendly homes in Ubatuba.

It’s a pristine living space that will take your vacation to the next level. Visit the nearby beaches, ice cream parlors, restaurants and shopping boutiques. It certainly has all of your vacation needs and more!

Ubatuba, Prumirim overlooking the island

Affordable vacation rental in UbatubaAffordable vacation rental in Ubatuba

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This unassuming property has a not so humble view. It is close to a magnificent waterfall and Ilha do Promirim, one of the best beach islands in Brazil.

If you are looking for accommodation in the hottest places, this vacation home is a must. It is a paradise in Ubatuba that is home to the most enchanting destinations in Sao Paolo.

Charming exotic rainforest house

Exotic Rainforest Cottage Rental in UbatubaExotic Rainforest Cottage Rental in Ubatuba

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Ubatuba is home to unique and interesting Airbnb offers. One of the most exotic and charming houses is secluded in the middle of a comfortable rainforest.

This cabin is surprisingly well equipped with all the furniture and items you need for a comfortable stay. If you want to hike, the Brazilian rainforest is easy to get to. You can hike, bird watch and admire the vast and fascinating wilderness.

You can also swim by the pristine river and sparkling waterfalls. If you are looking for the ultimate destination this property is all you need.


The chalet is cozy and beautifully maintained. The surrounding forest and mountains are spectacular. A living reminder of why we must love and protect nature! Everyone was friendly and helpful, this place is a gem! – – Julian

Suites Encantaria Ubatuba – No. 1 Açaí (2 people)

Airbnb in Ubatuba near the beachAirbnb in Ubatuba near the beach

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If you’re looking to find some peace and quiet on Ubatuba’s Itaguá Beach, booking accommodations nearby like this one makes a big difference.

You’ll especially love the novelty of living in an all-white house and washing away the effects of a chaotic city. Recharge your batteries by recharging yourself on a vacation in the most peaceful parts of Brazil.

Sailboat in Ubatuba – boathouse rental

Boathouse rental in UbatubaBoathouse rental in Ubatuba

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Be ready to remove an item from your bucket list. This Airbnb list is known for instilling indescribable feelings of joy. Going on vacation is one thing, navigating the waters of Ubatuba on a sailboat is another.

You can choose between an overnight stay or an overnight stay with a tour. To make this short vacation something special, you can be accompanied by two other guests. You can also host a barbecue night or a model dinner for three while you sail the Brazilian waters.

Apartment with beautiful sea views and cozy

Apartment rental in UbatubaApartment rental in Ubatuba

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The hotel is in the heart of the coveted restaurants and cafes in this compact home. Every space is used minimally with designs that are minimal yet to the point.

The interior design is perfectly designed to highlight the outstanding exterior. Through the windows you can take a look at the different shades of blue that are created by the meeting of sky and sea.

You can take a dip in the apartment’s pool or drive to the nearby beach. At Ubatuba, the world really is your oyster.

Brand new apartment for rent in Ubatuba

Ubatuba New Apartment for RentUbatuba New Apartment for Rent

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Enjoy the fusion of three almost contrasting elements – outdoor, homey and modern. This somewhat rustic and ultimately cozy home is perfect for people who appreciate a bit of workmanship and a touch of color.

The design of this home is stimulating which is uplifting after a long day of exploring Sao Paolo. If you want to stay within the confines of Ubatuba this place is still perfect. It is close to the main attractions in the area.

Nice townhouse near the beach, garage, air conditioning, barbecue!

Ubatuba Townhouse Rental near the beachUbatuba Townhouse Rental near the beach

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If you are looking for a home that is bursting with personality, an amazing find is available. This well designed home is both functional and beautiful.

You have the supermarket and a couple of beaches nearby, which offer you many options and convenience. The visitors were particularly impressed by how clean and well-maintained the hotel is.

With this Airbnb deal, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in Brazil.


We stayed at Jairo and Zenaide’s between Christmas and New Years. We really enjoyed our time there. You find the description correct. The house was recently renovated and we found it very cozy and accommodating. It was well stocked with all the gadgets and utensils you will need and the grocery store is half a block away. They were great and communicated with us and made sure everything was to our liking. Great effort on your part! The house is about 10-15 minutes walk from the nearest beach. We were there in high season and the beaches were very busy. However, we were able to find space to put our things on the beach and once in the water you won’t find it crowded at all. The highlight of our trip was the descent to the pier (a 5 minute walk from the apartment) and a private boat tour to several secluded beaches. The boat captain and his wife were great! Super friendly, great family atmosphere, very nice catamaran and the best thing is that there are no “overcrowded” beaches on the islands. We spent the day snorkeling and barbecuing. Whether you’re just looking for beach time within walking distance, looking for a few hours of beautiful hiking trails in the Atlantic rainforest, or chartering some type of watercraft to explore, you’ll find this place well-located for all kinds of exploration and relaxation. We left very satisfied and are looking forward to our next visit. – – Wesley

Dream home in calm water beach and views

Ubatuba vacation rental with a viewUbatuba vacation rental with a view

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With this Airbnb list, you’ll always have the vacation of your dreams at your fingertips. Wake up to the brilliant sun warming your face while the lush garden cools the breeze around you.

This four bedroom house has a large yard and a large, well furnished house. It is on the best beach coast with a mountainous view that completes this paradise. You can even share the grandiose moment with up to ten loved ones, making this the ultimate vacation destination!

Exclusive 30 foot speedboat ride

Houseboat holiday rental in UbatubaHouseboat holiday rental in Ubatuba

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Channel the demanding you through this unique boat trip and accommodation rolled into one. When you are ready to go on vacation, this sailing home offers you the vacation of your dreams.

You can also reach Ubatuba’s hidden vacation destinations, which is perfect for a one-of-a-kind vacation.

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