Greatest literary holidays for ebook lovers in 2021

Lockdown, dark nights, and cold weather may not be our favorite combo – but it gives us the perfect excuse to be stuck in all of the books we’ve been watching for a while.

Whether it’s discovering new writers, rereading old favorites, or engaging with a classic piece of literature, there’s nothing like the sheer joy of relaxing indoors with a good book. As author Jhumpa Lahiri puts it, books “let you travel without moving your feet”.

Next year, celebrate your love of reading on a book-lover vacation thanks to Good Housekeeping.

Now that is the perfect time to browse trip ideas while we’re at home, check out the expert-led getaways to take on next year. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to step into the worlds of some of our favorite authors, from Kate Mosse to Louis de Bernères.

And so you know, our holidays are financially protected. When you choose to book, you can rest assured that your money is safe with us.

Discover the myths of Carcassonne with Kate Mosse

British author Kate Mosse fell under the spell of Carcassonne almost three decades ago. This magical walled city has since inspired its hit books, including the Languedoc trilogy of Labyrinth, Tomb and Citadel, and more recently The Burning Chambers and The City of Tears.

On our exclusive tour you can admire the medieval towers, castles and basilicas of this fascinating city. Kate Mosse will be by your side to explain the story and show you some of the places that feature in her bestselling stories. There is also the nearby town of Rennes Les Bains to visit as well as Narbonne and the pretty canals of Béziers.

“One look at the citadel was all it took – I’ve been head over heels in love with Carcassonne ever since,” says Kate. “I hope you can join me here in this dazzling city with so many stories to tell.”

Kate Mosse’s tour of Carcassonne starts in October 2021.


Discover medieval France with Joanne Harris from Chocolat

The gentle pace of life and unspoiled countryside of southwest France are part of its enduring appeal. Ever since the author Joanne Harris captured village life so magically in her bestseller Chocolat, we have wanted to experience it for ourselves.

Vacation for book lovers

That’s why we created the perfect chocolate-themed trip under the direction of Joanne herself. Traveling by train from the limestone cliffs and medieval hill towns of the Lot Valley to majestic Toulouse and timeless Cahors and Moissac, this romantic vacation in south-west France offers tours to all of the places that inspired Joanne.

She will also be giving two private lectures and a Q&A where she will talk about her career, creative writing process, and more.

“We’re going to see the historic little town of Nérac,” says Joanne. “We visit the church, the old town with its wooden houses and tanneries and the chocolaterie that started it all!”

Joanne Harris’ literary tour of southwest France begins in June 2021.

See The Durrells comes to life in Corfu

With its clear blue sea and beautiful mountain scenery, it’s easy to see why the naturalist Gerald Durrell fell in love with Corfu when his family moved there in 1935.

Vacation for book lovers

His charming and inspiring autobiography My Family And Other Animals was brought to our television screens with The Durrells. Next year you can experience the sights of this magical island for yourself in the company of Lee Durrell, wife of the late Gerald.

As you track down the most famous locations in the novel, including Mouse Island, the White House, and Lake Lily, you will see all of the places you read about in Gerald’s book and saw on the TV show. Lee Durrell will also be happy to sign your free copy of My Family And Other Animals.

Lee Durrell’s tour of Corfu starts in May 2021.


Learn about England’s royal history with Suzannah Lipscomb

      The royal palaces witnessed some of the most dramatic events in British history that dictated the fate of the nation and shaped who we are today. They have hosted the births, deaths, marriages, affairs and coronations of kings and queens as well as hidden scandals, intrigue, romance and betrayal behind their high walls.

      Vacation for book lovers

      One of the most entertaining historians and broadcasters, Suzannah Lipscomb, captured these stories brilliantly in her books, including A Visitor’s Companion to the Tudors and The Voices of Nimes, as well as her three books on Henry VIII and another on witchcraft.

      Next year you can take her on a private tour behind the ropes of the State Apartments at Windsor Castle (with champagne) and a private tour of Hampton Court Palace, the grand Tudor residence.

      Suzannah says, “I firmly believe in telling historical stories where they happened. The veil between past and present feels very thin when you are following in the footsteps of Henry VIII or standing where Anne Boleyn is has come to an end. “

      Suzannah Lipscomb’s tour starts in August 2021.


      Sail along the Danube on a literary festival cruise

      Last but not least, on this list is the ultimate literary festival for book and river cruise lovers. Created in partnership with the popular Henley Literary Festival, it will feature some of Britain’s most popular writers, including Dame Jenni Murray, Victoria Hislop, Louis de Bernières, Liz Earle, Kate Adie and Jeremy Paxman.

      Vacation for book lovers

      The one-of-a-kind eight-day river cruise on the Danube features an exciting range of talks, interviews and signatures, and Q&A on board these inspiring writers – not to mention amazing food, wine and beautiful views as you explore some of Central Europe’s largest cities.

      There are also optional excursions to Europe’s historic capitals, Vienna and Budapest, and plenty of time on board to hang out with some of our favorite celebrities from the literary world. It will be an unforgettable river cruise!

      The cruise to the literature festival will start in April 2021.


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