Finest holidays to e-book a 12 months prematurely

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We Brits are a resilient bunch and knowing that the holidays are off the table at the start of 2021 lets us look to a year where things are (hopefully) back to the way they should be.

Knowing how important it is for us mentally to have something to look forward to in unpredictable times, we thought we’d do better if we bring you the amazing holidays that you can browse early for 2022 .

While we’d love to have a great UK stay sometime this year, these book-ahead vacations take into account the unique experiences you can have at home and abroad if you secure a spot early for 2022.

From Japan’s magical cherry blossom season next spring to a ride on the scenic Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps – these trips should be booked in advance for an unforgettable post-pandemic getaway.

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See Japan’s magnificent cherry blossom

We can’t think of a better event trip than exploring the gardens, bright cities and majestic mountains of Japan. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint by just one big trip in 2022, make Japan a find.

Here you can explore the Japanese Alps, visit Kyoto’s bamboo forest, and try making golf leaf chopsticks and soba noodles. Don’t forget to bathe in a hot spring in Takayama on our amazing 2022 tour.



Enjoy the wonders of Scotland on an unforgettable stay

With more of us appreciating what’s right on our doorstep thanks to the pandemic, the UK holidays have sold like hot cakes. Get in early if you want to get the most out of Britain in 2022: on an island hopping adventure!

The Hebrides are perfect for this and have everything you could want in a Scottish getaway, from whiskey islands to beaches straight out of a postcard from the Caribbean. On Country Living’s great tour you can spot amazing wildlife and visit stunning castles too.



Glide through the Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express

The bright red Glacier Express is what winter dreams are made of. This magical experience, known as the slowest express train in the world (it is an eight-hour experience after all), takes you over 291 bridges through 91 tunnels and climbs to 2,033 meters on the Oberalp Pass. You’ll want to pack your camera!

Country Living has a five-day holiday in Switzerland that absorbs all the charms of winter in 2022, from a ride on the Glacier Express to a cruise on Lake Thun.



Bavaria’s epic Oberammergau Passion Play

The Bavarian state offers culture and landscape like nowhere else, from old castles to picturesque alpine landscapes. The Oberammergau Passion Play is performed here every 10 years. Since it was postponed in 2020, you now have the option to watch the epic play by the Bavarian residents in 2022 or wait for the next performance until 2030.

It tells the story of Christ from his entry into Jerusalem to the resurrection. On a tour of Italy and Germany, you can admire a number of Italian villas, charming towns and mountain landscapes and experience the incredible event.



Sail Tanzania on an eco-cruise

Every nature lover needs to experience the beauty of an African safari at least once, and in our opinion Tanzania is the country that really has something to offer. The Serengeti is a great place to look for the Big 5 and to feel at one with nature. Then there is the Ngorongoro Crater with its breathtaking scenery and the Maasai villages where you can learn from the locals.

Once you’ve experienced the wonders on land, you must head to Zanzibar for a completely different view of Tanzania. Here the beaches have powdery sand and stroll through the colonial capital of Stone Town. Country Living’s exclusive tour allows you to experience the best of Tanzania by land and sea. It includes sailing on the sustainable cruise ship Golden Horizon, which is 70% operated in nature.


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