Egocentric behaviour of these travelling gained’t assist us to ‘beat Covid-19’

It is more or less taken for granted that politicians will attempt to express a cautious optimism about the chances of “beating” Covid-19 and eventually getting back to normal, but I feel nothing but pessimism when I look at the level of denial and of the state of emergency look on.

Just a few of the more egregious examples: Hundreds of Brits aren’t thinking of going to Switzerland because there’s nothing like a little Christmas skiing to blow away the new mutant strain, rather than following quarantine restrictions and escaping to get a little bit of the virus spread further out; Ryanair is using unwarranted optimism about the speed and efficiency of the vaccination program to urge people to book their flights for the summer break.

This is a virus that knows exactly how to take advantage of both standard human behavior and standard capitalist behavior!

Derek Ball

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I have to admit that I share the concern of private nursing home owners that the Scottish government may simply nationalize the private nursing home sector in Scotland in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We still need a thorough review of all events in the care sector since the first lockdown in March.

However, the initial findings that there have been far more Covid outbreaks in private nursing homes than in public or voluntary institutions give rise to serious concerns. There are question marks as to whether the pursuit of profit led these private nursing homes to ignore infection control guidelines.

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If nursing homes (private or not) are found to put their residents at risk due to poor management such as inadequate infection control, criminal charges should be brought against the owners and operators of such homes. They shouldn’t benefit from “nationalization” – they should be deprived of their property and excluded from working in the care sector.

Protecting the most vulnerable in society cannot be left to those who want to make quick money out of older residents. We need a national care service with good working conditions and a strong focus on improving the lives of all residents.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

We cannot understand why churches and other places of worship are allowed to remain open during the level 4 restrictions, especially when older churchgoers are usually most at risk.

Similar demographic minorities such as theater or café-goers could certainly make identical demands on the needs of the community. If only they could lobby from unelected places in the House of Lords.

Neil Barber
Edinburgh Secular Society

WHICH (or wither?) Scottish law?

As a law student in the early 1970s (just as Enoch Powell and Tony Benn shared an anti-Europe platform in the run-up to the 1975 referendum) I was taught that Scottish law was developed on a civil (Roman-Dutch basis) law the 13th century and had a deductive principle-based approach.

After nearly three centuries of ruling Westminster, and although Scottish law is protected by the Union Treaty, the (inductive) English ideas of common law have influenced Scottish law, so we now theoretically have a mixed civil / common law system to have. At the time of joining the European Community, scholars believed that Scottish law was in an ideal position to bridge the gap between European (civil) and English (common) legal systems. How naively optimistic could we be? Instead, we have seen the Common Law of England increasingly undermine the Scottish civil system, and now when we leave the EU we hear nothing at all about Scottish law, only from now on we will hear from the British Parliament of British ( English) are governed. English) laws.

Holyrood has also sponsored an inordinate amount of English law for the Scottish people, with the benefit of cut-and-paste technology.

The sooner we all become familiar with our historical heritage and rehearse our arguments for returning to Europe as an independent nation-state, the better. Thanks to The National for providing a platform for this.

C Walker
by email

LESLEY Riddoch answers her own question: “What competent Prime Minister could ignore a spiraling problem like the situation in Kent?” (The chaos in the canal shows how ill-prepared the Tories are for the crisis, December 24th).

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The affected man is clearly NOT competent and should be replaced before leading the UK down further dead ends.

Margaret Forbes

I apologize for attributing the Wee Magic Stane to Morris Blytheman (royal bums were crowned on a luscious pan lid on December 28th). It was, of course, Johnny McEvoy, as no less than an authority than Jim Mclean, folk song satirist and impresario, told me. Morris wrote Coronation Coronach and many more, such as Jim and John.

Donald Anderson

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