EasyJet launches 25% off flights

EASYJET has launched its latest flight sale to celebrate its 25th birthday.

The airline has a 25 percent discount on 500,000 seats that can be booked until June 2021.


EasyJet has introduced 25 percent of 500,000 seatsCredit: AFP or Licensor

Families who want an Easter break can take advantage of the offer. On sale through November 17th.

When flights to Spain, Greece and Portugal are available, planning ahead can save you a penny on your next trip abroad.

If you book sooner rather than later, be sure to check local travel advice. Greece currently requires a negative coronavirus test upon arrival, as does the Canary Islands from November 14th.

The rest of Spain and Portugal remain on the UK’s quarantine list.

Flights can be booked in easyJet sales for dates up to June 2021


Flights can be booked in easyJet sales for dates up to June 2021Credit: Alamy

Ali Gayward, UK Country Manager for easyJet, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating this birthday with a small gesture of thanks to our customers.

“While the party may have to wait this year, we can stop and look back and be very proud of everything we have achieved: our unbeatable value and our unmatched European network, the leading position in carbon offsetting, as well the warm welcome from our crew One day to all of our customers.

“Not everyone could take the trip they wished for this year to celebrate our birthday. As a thank you to all of our customers, we are offering up to 25 percent discount on flights until June 30th, 2021. If you have booked before November 17th, customers can look forward to flying with us again in the future. “

The airline started in 1995 with routes from Luton to Glasgow on November 10th and Edinburgh on November 24th.

Its founder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who was the son of a ship magnate, started the company by selling tickets for the price of Levi’s jeans, which then went on to cost £ 29.99.


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The slogan for the ad campaign was “Make flying as affordable as jeans – 29 pounds one way.”

The fare for a one-way trip to Edinburgh is still the same today. The tariffs are even cheaper – at £ 22.99.

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