Discovery’ Easter egg teases a wild ‘TNG’ time-travel twist

In Star Trek: Discovery, old Star Trek props suddenly become collectibles in the universe.

In the first episode of season three, Burnham attempted to sell her 23rd century tricorder as a valuable antique. In episode 6, “Scavengers”, another Starfleet antiquity appears briefly, linking the year 3188 with the 2300s of the next generation. This Easter egg seems to indicate a much larger property development. For now, we’re assuming Saru, Tilly, Georgiou and the rest of the DISCO gang are fairly new to the 32nd century, but what if someone else – who’s not Burnham – has a bunch of information about the 24th and 25. has? Century?

This TNG-era Easter egg with a phaser could indicate a secret hiding place.

Spoilers ahead for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 through episode 6, “Scavengers”.

“Scavengers” is mostly about Burnham and Georgiou trying to save Book from a forced labor planet run by the mysterious, invisible villain named “Osiria”. To do this, Georgiou pretends to be a customer who wants to buy various spaceship parts. As part of this act, Georgiou tells the lackey of Orion that she is looking for goods that are “before 2400” i.e. the TNG, Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Picard eras. At some point, the Orion shows her a TNG Starfleet phaser, indicating that it has some goods from before 2400.

Georgiou scoffs and says:

“Please. Half of those parts didn’t even exist at the time.”


This guy doesn’t know anything about phasers. Or is it? CBS

She is half right. A TNG-era Starfleet phaser is before 2400, but just barely. If this guy tried to show her something from the 23rd century, he failed. We first saw this style of phaser and its variants in TNG Season 3, which is 2366. By 2373, Star Trek: First Contact introduced a similar style of phaser with a more curved handle. In the Picard era, it appears that a certain style of phaser was no longer in use.

But here’s the thing: how did Georgiou even recognize the phaser held by the Orion? How could she roughly date it just by looking at it? Georgiou’s technological knowledge is based on 23rd century technology in either the Mirror Universe or the Prime Universe. What does it mean when it sees a 24th century phaser? There are really only two answers.

1. Georgiou bluffed – Since Georgiou was acting like she knew what was going on – but not really – it is reasonable to say that she did not recognize the phaser. In theory, this means that she was wrong. The phaser is before 2400, but not by much. She was lucky enough to fool the Orion. This explanation works, but it’s also not as fun as the second explanation.

What does Georgiou know about 24th century technology? CBS

2. Georgiou traveled back in time to the 24th century – If Georgiou wasn’t bluffing and realizing the technology of the 24th century, it suggests that she had experience of time travel prior to this episode. We don’t know exactly how much time passed between Episode 5 and Episode 6 – Saru mentions that the discovery overhaul took three weeks – but it’s possible Georgiou was mistaken for a time-consuming scheme that made David Cronenbergs more mysterious Character was involved. In this episode, Georgiou shows trauma that seems to give clues to something that happened to her in the Mirror Universe prior to Season 1.

What if there is more to their backstory than we know? In Season 2, Georgiou had worked for Section 31 long enough to infiltrate the Klingon homeworld. Section 31 undoubtedly had access to time travel technology. In fact, the entire premise of season two revolved around trying to get some of that time travel technology back.

But that’s the tricky thing about time travel. If Georgiou traveled back in time before going through the wormhole that brought the crew into the 32nd century, then she really could have done it any point between the end of Season 1 and the end of Season 2. For the moment, we might be considering a version of Georgiou that is far more dimensional than we think. We have been told that 3188 is her “second universe” and “third timeline”, but what seems possible now is that the number of timelines and universes she has experienced could be much, much higher.

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