Caught at dwelling for lengthy amid pandemic, Keralites take up travelling with a vengeance- The New Indian Categorical

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KOCHI: Because of the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, you’ve been locked in your homes for months. Several Keralites are now beginning to travel with all their might. Rather than going to places that are on every tourist’s map, most people, especially young couples and those with children, opt for distant and less visited destinations.

One such traveler is Harikrishnan, who works in the IT field in Bengaluru. Life was tough for him and his family when the pandemic started. “We were completely cut off from the family at home in Kerala. My wife was pregnant and we had no one to turn to after she gave birth, ”he said. “We also missed the joy of occasional suburban sprints and community gatherings.

Harikrishnan with his wife and children

After the lockdown restrictions were lifted and we returned to my hometown in Thiruvananthapuram, we found some flexibility to explore the neighborhood further. The elders in the family were concerned and it led us to show them that traveling safely is possible, ”he said. However, Harikrishnan, a member of the core FINDERS (Ford INDia Endeavor owner) team, opted for distant destinations. “Uluppuni, one of the riskiest trails in Kerala and an off-roader’s paradise,” he said.

“No hotel bookings were made before. We knew we would meet some resort owners and planters during our meeting, and that was it, ”said Harikrishnan, who was accompanied on the trip by his wife and children – the youngest was six months old. According to Roopa George, an entrepreneur, more and more people are going out and planning trips.

“During a recent trip to Vagamon with my husband, I was surprised to see many young couples and their young children at the resort where I was staying,” she said. “When I interacted with them, I found that spending six long months with children in their homes was a very stressful experience for the young parents, and everyone wanted a break,” said Roopa.

Geethu Mohandas, founder of LetsGoForACamp, agreed. “As more families head out, they are opting for unknown destinations as they are less crowded,” she said. However, such travel plans are drawn up by those of the upper middle and elite classes. “Not everyone can afford to book resorts, make long journeys in their own vehicles, and get all the equipment for the trip. Still, people plan to travel, ”she said. “They used to book vehicles for picnics.

Now they only go out with immediate family members. Not even friends are there. They’re planning a day trip and they’re even packing food, ”Geethu said. She said things change in these unpredictable times. “We have a female-only group camping event planned for this month and every seat is taken,” Geethu said. She said the tourism industry hopes things get better after December.

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