AAA says January is turning into a well-liked time to ebook a cruise

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Travel experts say January and February are usually not the time most people want to go to sea and take cruises. This year, however, January becomes a popular time to book a cruise.

But is it a good idea to sail away during the pandemic?

“Kentucky is right there with a lot of states. They love the cruise, ”said Micki Dudas. “But what I can tell you is that the demand for cruises has grown so much that we see a lot of people calling and booking a cruise.”

Dudas is involved in leisure travel sales with AAA.

Passengers are ready, as are cruise ships. We found 15 new ships that could go to sea in 2021.

“We have all sat in isolation in some cases and dreamed of being somewhere other than our front rooms,” said Dudas.

Now you can call and book, but when you actually get in is a waiting game. COVID-19 has caused some waves in the industry.

The CDC had already announced in October that a “no sail” order would expire on October 31. After that day, the CDC announced a gradual approach to resuming sailing.

“We expect some cruise lines to resume in late March, April 1st,” said Dudas

All of this has a silver lining, cruise lines offer reduced deposits and flexibility with fee and cancellation policies. The industry calls it “Cruise with Confidence”.

“These are all good things for consumers to book or rebook,” said Dudas.

Whenever you jump aboard this cruise ship, the COVID-19 guidelines will likely apply.

“You are only allowed to work with a capacity of 50 percent and wear the mask. What will the social distancing be like? All of these safety protocols are followed and agreed by cruise passengers, ”said Dudas.

Dudas says we’re still in rough seas, but we can see the vaccine on the horizon.

“The release of the vaccine, the vaccine, will help our cruisers resume travel with even more confidence,” said Dudas.

Dudas says before you book, get an established travel agent. It will help you with any questions you might have.

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