A Step By Step Information To Planning A Journey To Thailand

Of course, you need to get travel insurance for your trip to Thailand. I’ve never traveled without travel insurance before – but I know people who have and some of them ended up regretting their decision.

On one of my trips to Thailand, I had a nasty eye infection (don’t ask me how, but I think as someone who wears contact lenses I may be more prone to it) and had to go to the hospital for various tests and expensive medicine. Also, the island I lived on didn’t have a private hospital with the proper equipment, so I had to take a bus and boat to get to the neighboring island. All expenses were covered by my insurance in the end and my eyes were fine again after a week.

Once you experience something like this, you will never get on a plane without travel insurance again. And really, travel policies are very affordable these days!

Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) is an expert in all areas of travel insurance. With over 35 years of experience, they offer travel insurance that is tailored to your needs, from a single trip to multiple trips throughout the year. They have you covered.

Whatever you do, make sure you choose the right policy and don’t forget to get motorcycle insurance because I know you will try Thailand! While I didn’t have to pay extra coverage for a previous medical history, I would always make sure I tell the insurer as you never know if an old illness could flare up again.

When you have travel insurance, you can no longer worry about what could go wrong, just be free and explore the local area. And this is how a trip to Thailand should be!

Now let’s talk about vaccinations for Thailand.

No specific vaccinations are required for Thailand, but it doesn’t hurt to check when you were last vaccinated. Most common for international travelers are hepatitis A and B, typhoid and Tdap for tetanus. These will protect you for years to come.

Dengue fever is the greatest risk in Thailand. Since there is currently no vaccination against dengue, it is best to know how to cover up mosquito bites such as evening and use mosquito spray and nets.

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