’90 Day Fiance’ Blogger Allegedly Hit With Restraining Order

90-day fiancé bloggers often fall headlong into feuds with cast members. While fans love to follow bloggers at Inside Tea, it sometimes leads to fights and threats. Actually, not all performers hate bloggers. In fact, some of them appreciate the social media presence. But others despise them. Now the news came that a blogger was allegedly affected by an injunction. But who is it?

90-day fiancé news of an injunction

Keith Brooks is worth following on Instagram and Youtube as his various posts on travel and animals also cover the TLC show on his vlog. He dropped the news about a blogger and the alleged injunction a day ago. Actually, he looked rather unsympathetic and shared a card. It said: “90Df-Blogger has just received an injunction from an actor.” It went on to say, “Another member is ready to file a second injunction against him.” Then he wondered if a third would come along for a “Trifecta”.

In his caption, Keith Brooks wrote: “Someone is in a Shiite world … The world is a vampire.” Before we dig deeper into everything, it’s worth noting that Keith knows what it feels like to be on the wrong end of the 90-day fiancé controversy. Back in 2018, Redditors accused him of producing a joke story about Azan double dating. So yeah, Keith knows the world is a “vampire”. Of course, people immediately wondered which blogger had ended up with an injunction.

Is John Yates the blogger and who submitted it?

Redditors again give a possible answer to the injunction. You really don’t get enough credit there. So, here’s a big shoutout to everyone at sub-Reddit r / 90DayFiance. About a month ago they were talking about Leida Margaretha and her husband Eric. Apparently they applied for an injunction “in the state of Wisconsin”. Redditor and NancyScarn mentioned John Yates at the time.

In fact, it points to Leida when she appeared on Keith Brooks’ post and commented, “I’m the vampire. ”And in the comments, people who asked about the blogger were talking about“ Johnny. ”No doubt if Leida and Eric’s injunction turns out to be going through, fans of 90 Day Fiance will be hearing for the next few days More on that. Mind you, the people who enjoy following John Yates are probably hoping this doesn’t stop him from covering up other cast members.

Keith Brooks | Instagram

Sorry, not very popular

Ironically, Leida Margaretha has won the title of possibly the most hated cast member on the show. In 2018, InTouch Weekly reported that fans appeared “appalled”. It came when Leids wanted Eric’s daughter Tasha to be booted out of her apartment. Tasha later said that after that she stopped talking to her father.

90 day fiancé fans should note that Leida may not be the one who received the restraining order. And it could be that John Yates, the TLC blogger, isn’t involved at all. Count everything as speculation for now and wait for more news on this developing story.

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