7 Attention-grabbing Information about Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a conservative Muslim state in South Asia.

The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. It is one of the largest countries in the world. The population reaches 201 million people. The country attracts tourists with the remains of ancient, long-extinct civilizations. There are other interesting facts about Pakistan.

Today Pakistan consists of four provinces. The head of state is the president. The compulsory requirement for the person holding this position is a commitment to Islam. Pakistan’s armed forces are considered to be one of the most authoritative in the world. The country’s army has participated in many military and regional conflicts. We have gathered the most unusual facts about Pakistan.

7 facts about Pakistan

  1. Almost all of the residents of Pakistan are believers. Only 4% of people do not consider themselves Muslim.
  2. Once a tourist has crossed the border of Israel, he is not allowed to enter the country. Everyone who wants to visit this country should take this fact into account.
  3. Pakistan has a very strict public policy. It is not customary to organize loud entertainment, dancing and concerts on the street.
  4. Women in this country very rarely leave their homes. If they have to leave their homes, they must be accompanied by a man – husband, brother or father.
  5. There is internet access in Pakistan. Citizens have unrestricted access to all porn sites. However, Facebook and YouTube are blocked.
  6. Alcohol is categorically prohibited here. The most common drink is very strong black tea with the addition of milk.
  7. Pakistani people are very fond of decorating personal and public transportation. All kinds of decorations are used, including carpets.

TOP 3 best sights in Pakistan

  1. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is in Pakistan. It’s Mohenjo Daro, a hill of the dead, or a dead city. They are the remains of an ancient Indian city that reaches the age of 4.5 thousand years. The settlement occupies a huge area. Nobody knows what caused this civilization to die. It is known that the residents suddenly left the city. Scientists have proposed the most incredible versions – floods, the Aryan invasions, and even the alien landings.
  2. The fortress of Baltitis. This structure was built on one of the hills in the eighth century. The building has three floors. On the top floor there are living rooms, in the second observation room and in the first warehouse there are weapons storage facilities. Not so long ago this landmark was restored.
  3. There are unique salt mines in the state of Punjab that were discovered by the troops of Alexander the Great. Not only do they supply the population with salt, but they also attract hordes of tourists from all over the world. The salt that is mined here is red or pink in color. There are reduced copies of many sights made of salt.

Pakistan: Laws and Customs

In Pakistan it is believed that having only daughters in the family is a huge shame. When parents only have girls, some of them are raised like boys. They are allowed to wear men’s clothes, have short haircuts, and do men’s things. But over time, they grow up. After puberty, children still turn into girls and get married.

Tourists should visit local markets. There you can buy unique handmade products. These can be beautiful carpets, salt lamps, dishes, ivory products and jewelry made from semi-precious stones. There are artisans in almost every city who create unique pieces from leather, wood, and other materials. In Pakistan it is customary to negotiate. It can be used practically anywhere except in shopping centers or supermarkets.

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