52 Locations to Love in 2021

Every vacation became a lesson in history, art, language, culture, food, geography and geology – like it or not.

I was only a few years old in 1965 when my father’s partners at his Brooklyn gas station decided to sell. His next job would change my life.

He was an aircraft mechanic with Pan American World Airways. My middle-class Queens family, whose big vacation meant going to Vermont in the summer, suddenly went on vacation to places like Mexico City, Moscow, Marrakech, and Kyoto. Doesn’t everyone go to Tokyo for a weekend?

When I was 18, I made my first flight around the world on my own. Suddenly this new world opened up to me. Am I curious by nature or by temper? Or was it travel that really completed this mix? Where everyone else is sitting on a plane and watching a movie, I am at my window and look at geological features of the glacier that are just incredibly beautiful to me. I remember flying over the states and it was just a beautiful day. While I was flying there was a light layer of snow over much of the country. And I just remember looking down at those open spaces in these little towns and wondering how we are such little ants on this planet. There are many times that I’ve even spoken to the person sitting behind me and says, “Oh, look at this!”

– Carrie Dovzak

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