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We may be experiencing a strange time as the coronavirus pandemic brings global travel to a standstill. But with all that extra time, there has never been a better time to dream of your next vacation.

Fortunately, the past decade has presented us with a new way of being consumed by the wanderlust in the form of travel influencers.

These bloggers and photographers travel the world and share some of the most beautiful places furthest to reach the corners of the world.

Below we’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel influencers and accounts that you can follow on Instagram to help advance your future travel planning.


Nicole Franzens Feed, a New York City-based interior, travel, and food photographer is an inspired mix of three. It shows excerpts of her travels as she wanders the world, with the talent of discovering local hotspots everywhere.

@ thecommonwanderer

The Budapest-based couple Mark and Miranda, who have been on the road for five years, are old hands at travel blogging. They founded The Common Wanderer to document their responsible travels and last year they even got engaged to their “favorite country” – Nepal.

@ Jamesrelfdyer

A London-based photographer with an eye for a golden hour. A scroll through James Relf Dyers Feed will make you long for warm summer evenings, preferably somewhere in the Mediterranean. There aren’t many places he hasn’t been, but he has a special affinity with Japan and the United States.


While Anne Cuis’s feed is sporadically updated, it’s always a treat when it is. Located between San Francisco and Hong Kong, your feed is a feast of eclectic images from around the world with a special focus on art, culture, design and textiles.

@ the.travel.project

The London-based duo Charlie and Jess started traveling in 2016 and never stopped. Achievable adventure with local eyes. The Travel Project feed is full of human stories, breathtaking landscapes and animal encounters. The couple recently ticked off Scotland, Ukraine and Bulgaria.


Seattle marketing manager Emily Thomas is an Instagram storyteller, and her feed is heaven. Expect lots of nature shots, sunsets, and aerial photography that will have you booking your next flight ASAP.

@Do you travel

When Manchester man Jack Morris met his Australian partner Lauren Bullen from @gypsea_lust in 2016, they started touring the world together and quickly became one of the power couples on Instagram (at least in the travel sector). Now based in Bali, they continue to present their global adventures to their 4.8 million total followers.

@ mr.pokee

When you need to add a dash of candy to your feed (who doesn’t) @mr.pokee is guaranteed to make you smile. After the original hedgehog Pokee sadly passed away, the Account Owner adopted two happy new hedgehogs, Herbee and Audree, to take with her on trips around the world to explore the most beautiful places.


@Earthpix is ​​a collection of some of the best travel images in the world, featuring images from followers around the world. From exploring the ice caves in Iceland to kayaking among whale sharks in Cebu, Philippines.


A comforting addition to any feed, Carley Rudd is a professional photographer who splits her time between Los Angeles, New York City and London. Her paintings are minimalist, with a subdued palette, and she has an eye for architecture and breathtaking landscapes.


Over two million Instagram residents have already switched to Alex Strohl’s photography. He has a penchant for storytelling, his feed is filled with dramatic snowy landscapes and images of his travels, often on skis, on foot or by kayak.


Lucy Laucht is a British photographer who has been capturing breathtaking images around the world for nearly a decade. Your feed feels like a nostalgic hug. Partly style guide, part travel bible, Lucy is currently posting pictures from her movie cameras to add a touch of romance to your feed.


There aren’t many places that Alexandra Taylor hasn’t been. This Swiss photographer’s feed is an aesthetically pleasing mix of alpine landscapes, city trips and land excursions.


The Australian Brooke Saward began traveling alone around the world in 2012 and has since documented her travels to her 587,000 followers. Your feed is ambitious travel – remember to explore Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression and travel through Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains. Saward currently lives in Cape Town and tells the stories of her travels in lockdown.

@ Hebdomania

Thibault Charpentier is a travel and lifestyle photographer who divides his time between Paris and Bali. Even described as “obsessed” with lines, his feed is full of them – clean lines, architecture-oriented landscapes, and cool interiors.

@ Organphillips

Morgan Phillips is a Seattle-based commercial photographer who knows how to capture breathtaking mountain landscapes. It shows the best of American nature – from Montana Glacier National Park to California’s Death Valley. His feed will get you on an American road trip right away.


As an Icelander, travel photographer Ása Steinars’ feed is filled with incredible shots of her homeland – from frozen waterfalls to ice caves and aurora borealis sightings.


UK based travel photographer Carolyn Stritch (who “faked” a trip to Disneyland in 2018) has been documenting her travels since 2015 and is often in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. She even started a monthly book club (@theslowtravellerbookclub) that celebrates stories about women written by women.


Camille Kenny-Ryder, also known as Milly KR, is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger and co-founder of The Weekend Journals. Her travels highlight some of the best hotels in the world and the delicious food that is served in them.


Californian native Kristin Addis has been traveling the world alone for almost a decade and her feed is like a magical dreamscape through some of the world’s most incredible travel destinations.

You can read our interview with Kristin here.


At The Pretty Cities, it’s all in the name – an account that compiles images from Instagram users showing off some of the most beautiful cities and villages around the world

@ Gilliehouston

Gillies Feed, a New York City-based food and travel writer, takes you around the globe in search of her next dish.

@ Tiffpenguin

Tiffany Nguyen, a dentist and travel photographer from LA, prefers rugged landscapes and follows the less traveled road. Your feed will make you pack your bags and spend the rest of your days traveling.


Johan Lolos is a Belgium-born self-taught travel photographer who captures some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and wildlife while telling human stories about the people he meets along the way.

@ Jessicasample

The National Geographic Traveler photographer and contributor Jessica Sample feed is the reduced travel inspection you need. Her whimsical images capture breathtaking architecture and landscapes from around the world.

@ Alongdustyroads

UK travel bloggers Andrew and Emily have the whole ethos of traveling more and traveling better. Worshiping the altar of slow travel, the couple seek to “live, breathe, and fall in love with every country we step into rather than just peeking at its best”.

@_It is beautiful here

Georgia (Gigi) Hopkins from Melbourne, Australia, quit her company job in 2012 with a “burning desire to follow her bliss”. Now she lives out of her suitcase and puts together travel guides on the way. Their feed is full of inspiring experiences, dynamic architecture, and a focus on culture.

@ Accidentallywesanderson

@Accidentallywesanderson is visual eye candy and exactly what the nickname suggests – images that look like they’re straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Expect stunning architecture in the most unexpected places.


Eva Tsang’s Feed from New York City, photographer and founder of the digital travel magazine Trotter, is a minimalist’s dream. The muted tones calm down and she manages to find cool bags in every city she visits.


Born and raised in Barcelona, ​​Pia Riverola now lives between Mexico and Los Angeles. The photographer’s feed is evidence of her keen eye for detail and color.

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