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Is Concrete Leveling Right For Your Home

Oct 16

There are a lot of ways that a sidewalk or concrete slab can become unleveled. Some of these reasons are easy to see and fix, but others may be less obvious. Regardless of the cause, uneven concrete isn’t only unsightly – it can also be dangerous to walk or drive on and will eventually lead to costly repairs. Fortunately, there are a few different concrete repair methods available to level the surface. One of the most popular is concrete leveling, which gently raises sunken or cracked concrete slabs back to their original position.

Rather than coating the surface with a sand-cement mixture to make it higher, Concrete Leveling Services actually fixes the issue that caused the sinking by filling in any voids under the surface. This helps to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

While mudjacking was once the most common way to lift concrete, modern contractors usually use polyurethane foam injection instead. During the process, holes are drilled into the concrete that needs to be lifted and then polyurethane is injected through these holes. The foam expands to fill in any voids under the slab and then is patched so that it looks like the rest of the concrete slab.

Unlike mudjacking, which can damage the soil underneath, eco-friendly polyurethane foam is much less likely to damage the surrounding environment. It’s also much faster, with most projects being completed within a few hours and the area being ready for use immediately afterwards.

In addition to being faster and cheaper than complete concrete replacement, concrete leveling can also eliminate trip hazards and improve curb appeal. Sunken or uneven sidewalks can give the impression that a property is neglected and dilapidated, but a well-maintained concrete surface raises property values and makes the space more welcoming to visitors.

While it is possible to do DIY concrete leveling, hiring a professional company can ensure that the job is done properly and quickly. It’s also worth mentioning that most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of replacing or repairing uneven concrete surfaces, so having the work professionally completed will save you money in the long run.

The most important factor in determining whether or not concrete leveling is right for you is understanding why your concrete has sunk. Erosion caused by poor drainage can often leave voids under concrete, which causes the slab to sink. Expansive soil can also cause concrete slabs to sink as it swells when wet and shrinks when dry. Other causes of uneven concrete can include tree roots, ground movement, settling or shifting of the soil underneath the slab, and construction or landscaping activities.

If you have uneven concrete, contact A-1 Concrete Leveling for a free onsite consultation and estimate. Our concrete leveling services can lift and even your walkways, patios, driveways, or pool decks, helping them look their best while making them safer to use. Our team of experts has years of experience lifting and repairing settled concrete, so you can trust that we’ll get the job done correctly the first time around.

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