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US Visa Options For Thai Spouses

Sep 13

There are several US visa options available to a Thai spouse who wants to immigrate to the United States. Some options include a US Tourist Visa, a CR-1 Visa, and Adjustment of Status. In this article, I will discuss the different options for a Thai spouse who wants to immigrate to the US. We will also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each option. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which is best for your situation.


US Tourist Visa

If you're thinking of taking your Thai spouse to the US, you have a few options for your US tourist visa application. A US tourist visa is the most common visa for Thais to enter the United States as tourists. However, there are many restrictions and requirements associated with obtaining this type of visa. In addition, you'll have to meet certain requirements if you're hoping to bring your Thai spouse to the US.

There are two main options for US tourist visas for married couples: a CR1 visa and a K3 visa. The K3 visa is easier to obtain and costs less, depending on when you plan to get married in Thailand. The CR1 visa requires you to wait at least two years to remove the conditions and a further 10 years to get your permanent resident card.


CR-1 Visa for Thai Spouse

If you're planning to bring your Thai spouse to the United States, you may need a CR-1 Visa. This type of visa allows your Thai spouse to enter the United States as a Conditional Permanent Resident. The conditionality, or temporary status, will allow your Thai spouse to work and remain in the U.S. for up to two years. After two years, you can file to lift the conditionality.

To get a CR-1 visa, your Thai spouse must first apply for it from Thailand. The entire application process may take six to twelve months. Once you receive the visa, your Thai spouse may travel to the United States to marry you. However, it is important to remember that you must be at least eighteen years old in order to sponsor your Thai spouse.

The first step is to submit a petition. You can either file it locally in Thailand or submit it to the United States Embassy. The Department of Homeland Security will decide whether or not to approve your petition, and then will route it to the Department of State. From there, your petition will be routed through the National Visa Center, which will give you a case number. This number is necessary for you to complete the application process through the United States Embassy.


Adjustment of Status

Thai spouses who enter the US on a nonimmigrant visa are eligible for the adjustment of status process. To apply, the Thai spouse must meet certain requirements. First, the spouse must be eligible to obtain permanent residence, which requires having a green card. Second, the Thai spouse must be a relative of a US citizen. The process involves paperwork, fingerprinting, and an interview. If the process is successful, the spouse will be granted conditional permanent residence.

The process is quite complicated and uncertain. It's important to be prepared for any eventuality, such as the possibility of adjustment of status. Applicants must have a physical presence in the United States when applying for adjustment of status. The timing of the wedding is not as important as the likelihood of obtaining permanent residence.