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Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Homeowners

Jan 7

There are several ways to keep kids safe when they're in a swimming pool. To begin with, kids should never be left unsupervised near a pool. They should also be taught to float in the water and to avoid running, diving, or horseplay. The best way to prevent a child from falling into the water is to keep a designated toy storage area away from the pool. In addition, parents should never allow their children to dive into the water without supervision (for more swimming pool safety tips click here).

Secure Your Swimming Pool Area

It is also important to keep the area surrounding the swimming pool secure. Self-closing gates are recommended for above-ground pools. In addition, it is best to install alarms on any doors leading into the pool area. Leaving small children unsupervised can be dangerous. Also, there are many dangers of drowning a toddler. Putting toys and floats in the water can be deadly temptations for toddlers.

Have a Designated Lifeguard

The lifeguard can't see everyone in the pool, which means that he or she can't see everyone at all times. Besides, patrons can block the lifeguard's view, which can cause a mishap. Keeping an eye out for a child in distress is a great way to keep them safe. A child may be vertical in the water, tipping back his or her head, or otherwise struggling. Rarely will a child yell for help. 

It is also wise to install a barrier on the sides of the pool. This barrier could be a door or window guard. Putting up a fence around the pool is a great way to keep unwanted visitors from entering. Investing in a barrier that keeps unwanted visitors from accessing the pool is a great way to prevent these problems from occurring. Whether you have a private pool or a public one, you can't go wrong.

Swimming alone is never a good idea. Even with lifeguards on duty, it is best to swim with someone who knows how to swim. Another rule is to only have one adult in the pool at a time. This will prevent any accidental drowning. A child that's not able to swim can drown and cannot be saved. So, make sure you have a reliable lifeguard in the swimming pool. Then, you can start teaching your kids how to swim.

Ensure that everyone in the house is familiar with swimming and has a life jacket. A good barrier can prevent a child from falling in the water. It's also wise to designate an adult to watch the children if you are at a party or hosting a barbecue. If you hire a babysitter, make sure that they know how to use the safety equipment so that your child can be safe in the water. While this might be an uncomfortable idea, it's important to keep your children safe at all times.

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