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5 beaches near me in Key West Florida

Nov 16


The beaches of Key West Florida are a typical experience for any visitor or tourist that is visiting the region. The beaches all offer a different experience and it will depend on the person preferences as to which beaches they will enjoy the most. There are beaches near me that have a lot of amenities while there are some that do not have many amenities but still provide a number of benefits.


1. Ernest Hemingway beach near me This is one of the beaches that offers a lot of amenities for visitors and tourists to enjoy. There are many water sports, rentals, restaurants, bathrooms, parking, outdoor showers and kayaks for people to use when they come to this beach. It is a very popular beach and people love to come here because it offers so many amenities.

2. Smathers Beach

It's long and wide, making it one of the most beautiful beaches in Key West FL . Besides offering some of the best beaches in Key West Florida, this beach also provides activities such as water sports rentals, kayaks, fishing area and drinks/foods for visitors to enjoy while at the beaches.

The only downside is that there are no restrooms or showers on site but there is a clean public shower located close by this beach where people can go use the bathroom facilities before they leave. It is an extremely popular beach during peak season time because of its size and amenities for visitors to enjoy when they come here.

3. Sombrero Beach

This is another popular beaches since it's located on the eastside of the island and offers a lot for visitors to enjoy such as beaches, water sports, kayak rentals, drinks/foods and outdoor showers. Among the beaches in Key West Florida this beach near me has shower facilities so people can clean up before they leave. The only downside with this beach is that there are no restrooms and limited food/drink options but overall it's still a great beaches to visit if you want to check out all beaches near key west florida .

4. Blue Heron Beach

This beaches provides its own parking area, bathrooms & outdoor showers for those who want to visit the beaches to enjoy all beaches near key west florida . Like many beaches the Blue Heron Beach also offers water sports, kayaks and other drinks/foods to visitors that are visiting this beaches. This beach is considered one of the more quiet beaches but still provides a large area where people can enjoy themselves while at this beaches.

5. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

This beach is located on the south end of the island & it's one of the beaches to visit in Key West Florida because it has its own parking lot so there is no need to worry about finding a spot or paying for an expensive valet service. Visitors will have no problem enjoying their time here since they offer access to other activities including beaches, hiking trails