2020 Journey Retail Awards video out there on-line

The 2020 Travel Retail Awards ceremony is now available for viewing on TRBusiness’s YouTube channel and TravelRetailAwards.com after the live streaming event held yesterday morning (11 a.m. UTC + 1).. The full-length HD VoD (Video on Demand) includes key customer feedback on each winner provided by our partner, the m1nd-set, and footage of the live charity raffle.

In a live virtual ceremony on Tuesday (September 29th) during TRMarketplaceTRBusiness, the travel retail industry’s first digital networking forum revealed the highly anticipated awards based on inimitable feedback from a group of consumer bloggers and vloggers and expert knowledge from thousands of international travelers regardless of m1nd-set’s unique database.

Now in its third year, the consumer-chosen Travel Retail Awards continue to offer tangible value for contestants and supporters, and provide a mark of confidence in the products and services offered to and chosen by consumers.

Past winners and finalists can testify that the Travel Retail Awards logo really makes consumers want to buy products. According to m1nd-set, 22% of consumers are more likely to buy a product with an exhibited finalist logo from Voted by Shoppers and more than 30% are more likely to buy with the exhibited winning logo.

Traditionally, m1nd-set’s research made up 70% of the total score, while feedback from bloggers and vloggers made up the remaining 30%. Please read this story for the full list of winners and finalists and more about the evaluation method.

We would like to thank all sponsors once again for recognizing the importance of consumer voice in our industry. Without your support, this event would simply not have been possible.

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