10 Greatest Books to Learn About Eire

This year is a great year to get to know all of your dream destinations. If you are interested in adding Ireland to your list of places to visit, here are some excellent travel destination books to read in preparation for a future trip.

Many of these books focus on a specific location, such as Dublin, or provide a historical or cultural overview of the Emerald Isle. Either way, any of these books will improve your understanding and appreciation of the island before you even set foot there.

1. A Brief History of Ireland (1994) by Richard Killeen

2. 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish History: The People, Places, Culture and Tradition of Emerald Island (2006) by Ryan Hackney, Amy Hackney Blackwell and Garland Kimmer

3. Ireland: A Luminous Beauty (2014) by Peter Harbison and Leslie Conron Carola

4. Angela’s Ashes (1996) by Frank McCourt

5. The Great Book of Ireland: Interesting Stories, Irish History, and Random Facts About Ireland (2019) by Bill O’Neill

6. McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey into Ireland (2003) by Pete McCarthy

7. Dublin: The Epic Novel (2005) by Edward Rutherfurd

8. I Never Knew This About Ireland (2007) by Christopher Winn

9. A Secret Map of Ireland (2010) by Rosita Boland

10. Travelers’ Tales Ireland: True Stories (2003) by James O’Reilly, Larry Habegger and Sean O’Reilly

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